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Ambind offers a wide variety of binding covers

Many of our customers know about our binding equipment and supplies. You may have already purchased a machine that does wire binding, coil binding, comb binding, Velo binding, Fastback binding, thermal binding, etc. You may also already be buying your binding spines from Ambind. But did you know you can also jazz up your presentations with several different types of covers that will make your document stand out? There are covers for every reason and every season. Just pick the one that makes the most sense for your projects.


Clear Covers

The advantage of having a clear cover for your document is that you can choose what the front cover looks like, as clear covers are completely transparent and will serve to both enhance the look and protect your personally designed front cover. You can get them in 5 mil, 7 mil, or 10 mil, with the heavier weights normally working better for documents handled more frequently and to add a certain gravitas. Another option is to get them pre-punched in the style of your binding, saving you the hassle of having to do it yourself.


Leatherette/Composition Covers

Customers often use a leatherette composition cover as a back cover, as it creates a weighted back to the document. With this leather-looking finish, it adds class and heft to your projects. Available in different sizes that can accommodate standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper, oversize tabs, and even large 11″ x 17″ documents. Other options include having a window cut in the center near the top to use as a front cover, two-rounded outside corners, and a variety of colors, with our most popular being black and navy, but also available in maroon, forest green, gray, white, and red.


Linen Covers 

Using linen covers for the front, back, or both sides of your presentation adds a very classy look. The laid, every so slightly embossed linen pattern is a classic look, and is available in several sizes and colors. While any customer can use these, we often see them used by CPA’s, lawyers, and other financial firms.


Poly Covers

Poly binding covers are made from polyethylene and have a smooth finish. These environmentally friendly covers are available in thicker variations (16-gauge, 23-gauge, 35-gauge) and are perfect for very frequently handled documents, as well as books that are going to be outside in different temperatures. The structure of these covers make them very difficult to bend, crease, or tear. These are also available in pre-punched patterns and almost 20 different colors.


Custom Printed Covers

In addition to all the different types of covers that are available from stock, you can also consider the benefits to having custom printed covers. Having something that is branded to you not only looks more impressive, but adds a level of commitment that your customers will recognize. When your presentation looks and feels nicer than your competition, you are automatically given a more serious look by your customers. You can add your logo or any design that can be imagined. The possibilities of types of stock are also endless, however, we have seen several customers utilize the poly covers.


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