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Another Deal: MBM iBooklet Bookletmaker

Think of all the times you may have seen a stack of paper stapled together to form a booklet. Maybe you saw it in your church or synagogue. Maybe you saw it at your kid’s school concert. Maybe you saw them when you go to the theater. How do they staple those booklets to get so perfectly folded and fastened in the center? It just might be with an MBM iBooklet!


The MBM iBooklet is the perfect tabletop solution for making booklets that are up to 64 pages (16 sheets of paper). You can produce up to 800 sets/hour, including sets that are staple-only, fold-only, or fold and stapled. It can be operated in automode or in manual mode and accommodates sheet sizes from 4-1/8″ x 8-1/4″ up to 13″ x 18-7/16″, giving you the flexibility to make small programs up to large product catalogs. The LCD counter keeps track of your progress and you can set it to traditional staple clinch or flat clinch, which saves space when finished sets are stacked together. For a video preview on how this little powerhouse works, check out this link.


Special Promotion – If you think your school, church, or organization would benefit from having an MBM iBooklet, please contact us (716-725-0470 or email us at and order before December 31, 2020 using the code “iBooklet2020” to receive the Local Service Package for free, a $274 value!


*Special promotion is valid within 60 miles of Buffalo, NY and cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Contact an Ambind representative for further details.

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