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Customer Spotlight: Sun Spin Media has New Offerings

The pandemic has hit all of us hard. All businesses need to find new avenues that will bring in additional revenue streams. Fortunately for marketing and graphic design company, Sun Spin Media in Amherst, NY, they are taking every opportunity to reach out to existing and new customers using exciting pieces of equipment purchased through Ambind Corporation. Here is a snapshot of how Katy, Melissa, Faizan, and the rest of the team are doing it!

At the end of 2020, Katy Siwirski, Creative Director of Design and Print, and Melissa Rothman, Associate Director of Marketing and Production, reached out to ask if we knew of a way they could cut out designs that were not perfect squares or rectangles. Ambind Corporation was able to find the perfect match for her needs with the Intec FB 550 Flatbed Cutter. This unique and innovative machine uses state-of-the-art software that integrates with Adobe Illustrator to create cut and crease files that are read by the flatbed cutter. All Katy has to do is design and print her artwork, have the cutter read the barcodes she created in the file, and stand back to admire the outcomes! She can create anything from custom boxes to stickers to creative business cards. Look at this amazing door tag that they made!

The good folks at Sun Spin Media also wanted to be able to fulfill special folding jobs by utilizing an air-fed paper folder. However, they had special requirements about needing to fold paper up to 80# cover in thickness. Have no fear, because Ambind Corporation was able to get them the perfect solution in the Formax FD 3300 Air Suction Tabletop Folder. This piece of equipment hit the nail on the head, as it does not need an air supply, but rather creates its own suction and air separation through the use of fans. With double-feed detection and speeds up to 18,000+ sheets per hour, Sun Spin Media can now ramp up production on things like brochures, greeting cards, and more for their customers.

Sometimes we think it goes without saying, but it is worth saying. Ambind Corporation is here to help you solve any problem you may have when it comes to print finishing equipment. Check out our website, call us at 716-725-0470, or email us at to start a conversation about how we can help your company!


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