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Introducing the Formax FlashCard Card Cutter

Brand new to the market… we are excited to introduce the Formax FlashCard Card Cutter. This friction-fed card cutter is a reliable solution for slitting 10-up business cards on 8.5″ x 11″. If you are a business that hands out lots of business cards, appointment cards, post cards and much more, this is a great machine for you to have. Formax is always at the cutting edge (no pun intended) of print finishing equipment, and they have done it again, exceeding standards of other similar machines while allowing customers to purchase at a competitive price point. Check out the video here and the press release here.


This piece of equipment can handle up to 144 business cards per minute, and can slit sheets of up to 350gsm. It can handle coated, uncoated, and even laminated sheets. The cutting blades are self-sharpening and there is optical registration mark recognition for increased accuracy.


For more information about this exciting new product, please contact us at 716-725-0470.

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