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Not Just Binding and Laminating…

Where did we get the name “Ambind,” anyway? I hear that question frequently, and it speaks to a larger question… what exactly do we do? Many of our customers remember us from when we first started out in 1992 as Amherst Binding and Laminating. In a time when Jay Leno was premiering on the “Tonight Show” and Windows 3.1 was just being released by Microsoft, Amherst Binding and Laminating was a local hero, providing top notch customer service and delivering binding and laminating equipment and supplies by the truckload. Before our arrival on Harris Hill Road, schools didn’t have anyone locally from whom they could buy their laminating film and machines and in-plant printers were lost trying to churn out books by the hundreds on a daily basis. Life was pretty simple back then, and our name said it all – we sold binding and laminating.

So where are we now? I’ll bet you aren’t doing the same things you were doing back in 1992, and neither are we. Do we still sell dozens of laminating and binding machines every year? Sure. That will always be our bread and butter. But we are so much more than that. Ambind Corporation is a leader in Print Finishing. What is Print Finishing you ask? It is anything that happens to that piece of paper after is gets printed or copied. Are you making brochures? You probably need a machine to fold them in half, in thirds, or in any other configuration. Do you print full-bleed documents? You would benefit from a stack cutter that can cut up to 3″ of paper at once. Are you in the business of sending out invoices, paychecks, or other mail pieces? You may not know that we sell machines that can automatically fold, stuff, and seal documents in an envelope ready for the mail… or machines that seal documents using pressure to create those mail pieces that have the perforated edges. Do you spend way too much on a shredding service? It costs a fraction to use a modern shredder (there are even automatic shredders) and it is way more secure.

Whether it is business card cutters, digital paper creasers, paper drills, printable copier index tabs, 3-ring binders, perforating machines, scoring machines, or anything else that you need to finish off that piece of paper, Ambind Corporation can be your guide. We are not your father’s binding machines supplier anymore… we can do it all and we want to do it for you!

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