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Print is far from Dead!

Can we now officially say that we are in the “digital age?” Let’s explore. Is checking your email the first priority in the morning? Probably. Does everyone have an iPhone permanently attached to their hand? Clearly. Are we getting our news content from a myriad of sources? Of course. So, does that mean that print is dead? Absolutely… NOT!

When I approach potential customers about their marketing and presentation needs, I hear over and over again, “Oh, we have gone digital.” I’m glad to hear it, as there are many benefits to utilizing digital resources such as email blasts, social media posts, etc. But my next question is usually, “Well, if you are emailing your customers and emailing your co-workers or employees just like everyone else is, what makes your information stand out?” And the response it typical… a concerned tilt of the head. These days, everyone gets a hundred emails a day from their spouse, their kids’ teacher, their doctor’s office, the credit card company, the florist (that they used once seven years ago), their boss, their co-worker, the makers of little blue pills (and I’ll bet you never signed up for that email list), their favorite restaurant, their other favorite restaurant, their college alumni association… need I continue? How can you possibly highlight what you have to say amidst the rest of the info? The answer is print.

Maybe you are making a presentation for the rest of your office, and you really need to impress the boss. Perhaps you are trying to reach out to your current customer base to share some important information. Or possibly you are desperately trying to stand out from your competition with a new client. If it comes in an email, they might just scan part and delete (isn’t that what you do most of the time). If you hand them a thoughtful and well put together presentation, customized to your situation, it will hold much more weight than another email. You can use a clear cover to highlight your own cover page, or you can customize your covers with your company name and logo. You can bind it together using any number of binding solutions. You can laminate documents to give them a special texture.

The reality is that a personalized presentation of materials, whether it be internally or a mail piece, will stand out. It will make you memorable. It will show that you put in the effort. Ambind Corporation specializes in asking the right questions so that you can get your message out to the specific audience you are trying to reach. Give us a call and let us prove to you why print isn’t dead. For more information, including some hard numbers from scientific studies, check out this article:

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