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Product Feature: Formax FD 300 Paper Folder

Many customers may already know that Ambind started out as Amherst Binding and Laminating. As we welcome in 2021, we want to remind you that we are so much more than just binding and laminating. For example, does your office need an efficient way to fold stacks of paper? Perhaps you are sending out invoices. Maybe you work at a church where you have to fold the weekly bulletin for the congregation. Possibly you work at a dance studio or for a school where you have to fold programs for the audience. Or maybe you work for a charitable organization that sends out letters for donations. The best way to accomplish any of these tasks and more is with the Formax FD 300 paper folding machine.


The tabletop Formax FD 300 is perfect for folding paper that is 11″ or 14″ in length. The feed hopper can hold up to 200 sheets and it folds at speeds up to 7,400 sheets per hour. The fold plates are clearly marked with the most common pre-set fold types such as C-fold (letter fold), Z-fold (accordion fold), half fold, and double parallel fold, or you can make your own custom fold. There is an LCD display that counts the sheets, and you can use the batch mode to make it easier to process the larger stacks. Changing between different folds is a breeze and can be done in a matter of seconds. Check out this video to see how it operates.


If you think using a machine like this, or something with additional features, would benefit your company or organization, call us at 716-725-0470 or email us at We look forward to helping you choose the best folding machine for your needs.

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