Product Feature: MBM Triumph 4815 Semi-Automatic Cutter

There are many reasons why customers use a paper stack cutter, like the MBM Triumph 4815 Semi-Automatic Paper Stack Cutter. But why do you need one? Is it because you work in an in-house print shop? Are you in the marketing department, creating business cards, postcards, product sell sheets, etc.? Are you in a school, cutting down projects and worksheets for the students? No matter what your reason, this machine is the perfect blend of accessibility, capability, and value for any situation.

How it works

The Triumph 4815 cutter is a semi-automatic paper cutter, which means that the cutting blade is automatically electronically driven with just the push of the cutting buttons. In the set-up process, the operator manually adjusts the back gauge and clamp with the spindle handles. You would place your stack of paper in the machine and adjust the back gauge (backstop) so that the place you want to cut lines up with the laser LED line that will show up on your stack. You can also use the digital readout on the machine to move the cut line to an exact measurement if you know it. Then, you will clamp the stack down to keep it in place using the spindle wheel on the top of the machine. Finally, you put the safety shield down and use both hands to press the cut buttons, which activate the blade that cleanly slices through your stack.

Safety and Operational Features

The MBM Triumph 4815 cutter has several safety features and operational functions that make it a superb solution for your needs.

  • Cutting capacity up to 3″
  • Cutting length up to 18-5/8″
  • The two-handed cut process reduces the risk of injury
  • Spindle-operated clamp
  • LED optical cutting line
  • A calibrated back gauge for digital display
  • Transparent safety shield
  • The blade can be changed without taking off covers
  • All metal stand included
  • Optional side tables (sold separately)

For more information

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