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Product Feature: Powis Parker Fastback 20 Binding System

Many of our customers know about the variety of methods and systems available for binding. Each has its positives and drawbacks. One of the lesser-known, but more classy-looking and easy ways to bind a book or presentation is by using the Powis Parker Fastback 20 Tape Binding Machine. This system is essentially foolproof and allows the user to bind a book without punching holes. The one-touch automatic process takes a stack of papers as small as 5 sheets and as much as 350 sheets and turns them into a perfect-bound book.

Some of the key features of the Powis Parker Fastback 20 are:

  • Super-strong, lay-flat binding
  • Super easy, one-touch button
  • Binds in less than 15 seconds (3.5x faster than punch & bind systems!)
  • Binds thin to thick documents from 10-700 pages (or up to 350 sheets)
  • Supports lengths up to 12”, including Letter & A4 paper sizes
  • Space-saving binder fits about anywhere
  • Instructional LCD display

Fastback Strips           


Check out this video of the Fastback 20, and notice how unbelievably easy it is to operate. There are many colors of Fastback Strips from which to choose when you are considering how best to advance your brand or make your presentations stand out. You can also choose to use narrow, medium, or wide strips based on the thickness of the books you will be producing. For our website subscribers that receive our weekly email blasts, we are offering a special price of $4995 plus free dock-to-dock shipping for Local Service Package orders placed through the end of business on March 31, 2021.

The Powis Parker Fastback 20 is available for purchase through Ambind Corporation to customers that are in New York State. If you live outside of New York, please contact us so we may point you towards a dealer in your region. (The promo price is only available through Ambind Corporation.) To take advantage of this promotion, or if you have any questions or would like to learn more about this product from our knowledgeable staff, call us at 716-725-0470 or email us at


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