You are currently viewing Product Feature: Tamerica Optimus 46i Coil Binding Machine

Product Feature: Tamerica Optimus 46i Coil Binding Machine

Have you thought about changing up the way you do binding? Many customers have been using plastic combs for decades, but the most popular look for binding presentations, proposals, books, etc. these days is plastic coil. Continuous coil, spiral coil, plastic coil are all different ways of saying the same thing. The process for creating your finished document is very similar and it has a distinct look that is considered more updated and fresh. One very easy way into this method of binding is the Tamerica Optimus 46i Coil Binding Machine.

Tamerica Optimus 46i

How it works

This machine has many features that are appealing and make the binding process extremely accessible and user-friendly.  A user can manually punch up to 18-20 sheets of regular copy paper at once, and then use the ribbed, electric inserting wheel to effortlessly insert coils up to 25mm and more into the oval holes. There is a foot pedal for easier handling of the documents while inserting the coil. From beginning to end, it is a simple process that produces amazing results.

Additional Features

  • Max. punching capacity: 20 sheets
  • Max. binding capacity: 220 sheets
  • Hole distance: 6.35mm
  • Max. punch length: A4
  • Paper load: Horizontal
  • Usage: Moderate 
  • Disengageable pins: Yes
  • Punch depth control: Adjustable
  • Edge guide: Yes
  • Coil binder: Electric inserter
  • Net weight: 25 lbs

Special Sale!

Ambind Corporation would like to offer a special sale for our loyal website subscribers to help you get into the coil binding mood! From now until the end of April 2021, if you buy a Tamerica Optimus 46i from Ambind Corporation, we will send you your first box of 12″ coil for FREE! You can choose the color! Just call Ambind Corporation at 716-725-0470 or email and mention the special code “Optimus 2021.” This deal is only available while supplies last, so make sure to take advantage of it now!


Disclaimer: This special deal is only available to customers that are subscribers to the Ambind website. If you haven’t already subscribed, you can do by visiting the Ambind website and entering your email at the bottom of the page. Free coil offer is valid for sizes up to 25mm. Prior sales excluded. Offer valid 3/2/21 through 4/30/21.

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