You are currently viewing Product Sale: Rhin-o-tuff HD7000 Modular Punch

Product Sale: Rhin-o-tuff HD7000 Modular Punch

For anyone out there that is currently doing binding, you know how frustrating it can be when you just aren’t using the right tools to do the job. Perhaps you have a low-end binding machine that always seems to jam or just can’t handle the capacity that you need to do in order to be efficient. If this sounds like a familiar headache, you should consider upgrading to the Rhin-o-tuff HD7000 modular punch machine.

Features and Benefits

When using a modular punch like the HD7000, you can increase productivity in several ways. You can punch up to 40 sheets of paper* at once, in many cases increasing speed by up to 50-75%. The heavy-duty motor and punching mechanism are built for a larger workload, so you rarely have to worry about jams. The vertical punch position (inserting sheets to be punched from the top as opposed to the front) makes sheets easier to align and decreases the likelihood of mis-punches and half-hole headaches. Also, when your projects are in a time crunch, you can utilize two people and have one person punching at the same time that someone else is finishing the books by inserting the combs, coils, wire, etc.

Other important features of this machine include:

  • Auto-reverse function that greatly reduces jams when a person attempts to punch too many sheets
  • Quick-Change die system with Easy-Lock handles that make switching between punching patterns a breeze
  • Foot pedal for two-handed operation while holding and punching your documents
  • Easy to see, high capacity waste drawer to hold the punched chips

For an overview of this machine, watch this video to see how easy it is to use this machine.

Sale Details

We want to make it easy for your to upgrade your binding system. So, from now until April 30, 2021, you can save big money on the Rhin-o-tuff HD7000 modular binding machine. During this limited-time promotion, you can get the machine and one-standard punching die for $3195, shipping included. That is a savings of almost $1200! This sale is not available online, so call Ambind Corporation at 716-725-0470 or email us at with questions or to place your order.


* Punching capacity is dependant on punching pattern and thickness of stock.


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