LX Strips for Fastback…


LX Strips for Fastback Model 9

This product may only be sold to consumers in New York State. To purchase outside of New York, please contact us at 716-725-0470 to find a dealer in your region.




  • The Fastback LX Strips is designed specifically for use with the Fastback 9 system and Fastback 8x
  • The Lx-Strips use the same thermal adhesive technology as other strips, so you are assured of good, strong binding results
  • Fastback LX strips are available in your choice of narrow and medium widths. Fastback LX Strips are designed for use with the Fastback 8x and Model 9
  • The Standard LX strips are available in 11 popular colors including Black, White, Dark Blue, Bright Blue, Dark Gray, Dark Green, Maroon, and Red
  • Narrow strips come in cartons of 500, while medium strips come in cartons of 400

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Weight 7 lbs


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