Royal Blue Twin Loop…


Royal Blue Twin Loop Wire

For a high-class, 360° flip, lay-flat bind



  • Twin loop wire is considered to be the “classiest” of the binding styles
  • Projects can be opened 360° and will lay flat
  • Twin loop wire can be purchased in two styles – Economy and Premium
  • All prices are for boxes of 100 pieces (1-1/2″ Economy wire comes in boxes of 80)
  • Available colors include: black, white, royal blue, navy, silver, gray, pewter, gold, green, and red
  • Twin loop wire comes in two different punching styles or “pitches”
    • 2:1 = two holes/loops per inch, standard 11″ binding edge is 21 loops, typically used for larger projects
    • 3:1 = three holes/loops per inch, standard 11″ binding edge is 32 loops, typically used for smaller projects
  • Wire diameter sheet capacities shown are using standard 20# bond
  • Wire can be custom cut to different lengths to match your project – call for pricing

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