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Should my company use a pressure sealer?

What exactly is a pressure sealer, anyway? Have you ever received a paycheck, rebate check or other mail piece where you had to tear off the perforated edges to reveal a check or other notice? That is a document that was created using a pressure sealer. The special stock has a pressure-sensitive glue strategically placed around the edges that, when run through the heavy-duty pressure rollers, seals those edges together creating a mail-ready piece without the need for envelopes.


Does your company do it’s own payroll checks or direct-deposit slips? Do you send out a fair amount of accounts payable checks? How about notices to customers or vendors? Maybe even direct mail pieces for marketing purposes? These are just a few possible applications that work well with a pressure sealing machine. Used for one-page documents, you are eliminating the needs for envelopes, which means no need to have specially printed envelopes with your logo and store them and worry about printing documents to line up in the window just right. You can run pressure seal forms on your laser printer and bring them over the pressure sealer, ready for the postage machine or to be hand delivered in seconds. This is a much more economical solution to mail inserting machines, and is exponentially faster than stuffing envelopes by hand. Check out this video of a pressure sealer in action, and read more about them here.


When you are considering the best way to handle PIN notifications, Report Cards, Appointment Notices, and more, take a moment to think about using a Pressure Sealer from Ambind Corporation. For more information on how this can benefit your company or organization, contact a sales representative at 716-725-0470 or

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