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Shredder Feature: Dahle 50414 Cross-Cut Shredder

Is data destruction a concern for your company? It should be! It is too easy for dubious-minded people to take advantage of the opportunity to steal private information like credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc. So, what are you doing to ensure your customers’ and your company’s security? You should be using a shredder, like the Dahle 50414 cross-cut office shredder.


Using a shredder like this is far better than having a shredding service come in to take your important documents away to the magical shredding pile. When you employ a shredding service, a stranger walks into your company and walks out with your papers, to be allegedgly destroyed. But do you know if it actually happens? Read this article about what can happen when you trust the wrong people. Instead, when you destroy documents yourself, you are confirming that no one can steal that information. You watch the papers being destroyed in front of your own eyes. That is 100% fool proof.


With the Dahle 50414 shredder, you get oil-free, hassle-free shredding. At a capacity of up to 18 sheets at a time and a waste bin that is 30 gallons, you can shred your papers, CD’s, paper clips, staples and more. There is an automatic start and stop function for simple operation, and an alert for when the waste bin is full. This machine ships free and with its German engineering, will last year after year. In addition to this model, there are several other shredders from Dahle and other manufacturers that will perfectly fit your shredding needs. There are even automatic shredders that can shred up to 600 pages at once without you having to stand there and feed the machine.


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