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Stuffing Envelopes by Hand is a Thing of the Past

How much time do you spend folding invoices, statements, mass mailings, etc., stuffing them into envelopes and then sealing them? Are you paying a member of your staff to do this when they could be doing other work? Or perhaps you are asking yourself how much money is spent paying a mailing company to do this for you. Despite common misconceptions, customers actually respond to mail that they can open and hold in their hands. Everyone is so inundated with email and notifications on their phone that it becomes numbing. Holding a piece of paper stands out. Previously, you may have thought that this was too time consuming or tedious to be worthwhile. Now you know better.


Ambind would like to highlight the Formax FD 6104 Automatic Mail Inserter. This takes a stack of documents (invoices, mailers, statements, advertisements, coupons) and folds them, stuffs them into an envelope, and seals them in one automated step ready for the mail. All you do is put your stack of documents in the feeder, put your envelopes in the hopper, and press “GO.” Your documents are sequentially stuffed and stacked in the finishing tray ready for you to take to the postage machine or to hand deliver to the recipients. You can also choose to stuff the envelopes without sealing them, or just fold the documents without stuffing them into an envelope at all. This versatile machine is the automated answer to your mailing needs. Check out this video.


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