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Time to upgrade your comb binding machine?

Have you tried to use the comb binding machine in your office lately? Has it seen better days? Do you have a manual machine that you wish could be upgraded to an electric punch machine? The Tah Hsin TCC 210EPB is the machine that you need!


This machine is the perfect amount upgrade without busting your budget. You can increase productivity and decrease workload by turning your manual punching system into one that has an electric, push-button punch. It has a punch capacity of up to 15 sheets and it cna bind documents as much as 2″ thick! It is operated with a simple, push button mechanism and features a rugged, all-metal design, adjustable margin depth, and adjustable edge guide.  And are you ready for the best part?


If you call Ambind at 716-725-0470 to order your machine between now and December 31st, we will send you a box of whatever size black combs that you want FOR FREE! That’s right… FREE. For questions or to place an order, you can call or email Remember, Ambind also carries clear covers and leatherette backs for your binding pleasure. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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