Warranty & Return Policy

It is the intention of Ambind Corporation to treat all our customers fairly and with respect and dignity. We strive to bring to market only the highest quality products that our customers can use to satisfy their print finishing needs. In the unlikely event that a product is defective, please use this notice to determine how best to proceed.


Machines or equipment that are purchased in new condition from Ambind Corporation carry, at the very least, a manufacturer warranty. When purchasing equipment that does not include the “Local Service Package” (also known as “LSP”), the manufacturer warranty is the sole means to remedy situations that involve damage or defect. It is the responsibility of the consumer to

inquire as to the extent of each manufacturer’s and each product’s warranty inclusions and exclusions prior to purchase. Customers can contact Ambind Corporation to get specific manufacturer and product warranty information.

When purchasing equipment that includes the LSP, Ambind warranties the equipment for one year. The extended warranty covers all non-wearable parts, labor, travel and shipping not related to operator misuse, negligence, or “acts of nature.” Non-wearable parts include, but are not limited to feed tires, cork and singulator/separator pads, silicone, rubber or other rollers, belts, dies, punch pins, knives, blades, other items that will naturally wear with normal usage of the equipment. Operator misuse includes but is not limited to servicing or attempting to service the equipment without authorization from Ambind Corporation, using or attempting to use the equipment in a way it is not intended to be used and/or is outside of the manufacturer’s listed specifications, or using the equipment without a proper power source. The decision as to what constitutes misuse or negligence is at the sole discretion of Ambind Corporation. The warranty does not cover cosmetic damage which does not impede the operation of the equipment.


It is at the sole discretion of Ambind Corporation to determine how to repair damages or defects of equipment purchased with the LSP.


Products or parts purchased from Ambind Corporation are warrantied for a period of 30 days from date of purchase. It is the responsibility of the customer to open each product and confirm that it is correct within the 30-day window. It is also the customer’s responsibility to choose the proper product for their print finishing needs. Using or attempting to use supplies for purposes outside of their intended use immediately voids any warranty.


Damage incurred during the shipping process must first be documented with the carrier, and then noted and reported to Ambind immediately. Any damage to outer or inner packaging must be documented with photographs and/or video from as many angles as possible. It is important that customers notify Ambind Corporation as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days after equipment purchase to declare damage or defect to the equipment. Ambind Corporation will advise customer of all available remedies based on this policy.

Undamaged or unopened products or equipment in its original packaging which is operating in the manner expected by the manufacturer can only be returned with prior authorization from Ambind Corporation. In cases where a return authorization has been granted, customers will be charged a minimum of a 25% restocking fee and refunded the remaining portion of the purchase price of the equipment and will be expected to ship returned equipment/products to a designated address at their own expense. The decision to grant a return authorization is at the sole discretion of Ambind Corporation.

“Ignorantia juris non excusat” principle applies to this policy. Any questions or concerns with the warranty or return policy should be directed to Ambind Corporation prior to purchase.